Amazon Pinpoint
Developer Guide

Step 1: Create an App ID

Create an app ID to identify your app in the Apple Developer portal. You need this ID when you create an SSL certificate for sending push notifications, when you create an iOS distribution certificate, and when you create a provisioning profile.

If you already have an ID assigned to your app, you can skip this step. You can use an existing app ID provided it doesn't contain a wildcard character ("*").

To assign an App ID to your app

  1. Sign in to your Apple Developer account at

  2. Choose Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

  3. In the Identifiers section, choose App IDs.

  4. In the iOS App IDs pane, choose the Add button (+).

  5. In the Registering an App ID pane, for Name, type a custom name for your app ID that makes it easy to recognize later.

  6. Choose the default selection for an App ID Prefix.

  7. For App ID Suffix, select Explicit App ID, and type a bundle ID for your app. If you already have an app, use the bundle ID assigned to it. You can find this ID in the app project in Xcode on your Mac. Otherwise, take note of the bundle ID because you will assign it to your app in Xcode later.

  8. Under App Services select Push Notifications.

  9. Choose Continue. In the Confirm your App ID pane, check that all values were entered correctly. The identifier should match your app ID and bundle ID.

  10. Choose Register to register the new app ID.