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Developer Guide

Step 4: Create an iOS Distribution Certificate

An iOS distribution certificate enables you to install your app on a test device and deliver push notifications to that device. You specify your iOS distribution certificate later when you create a provisioning profile for your app.

If you already have an iOS distribution certificate, you can skip this step.

To create an iOS distribution certificate

  1. On the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles page of your Apple Developer account, in the Certificates section, choose Production.

  2. In the iOS Certificates (Production) pane, choose the Add button (+). The Add iOS Certificate pane opens.

  3. In the Production section, select App Store and Ad Hoc, and then choose Continue.

  4. On the About Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) page, choose Continue.

  5. In the About Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) pane, follow the instructions for creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file. You use the Keychain Access application on your Mac to create the request and save it on your local disk. When you are done, choose Continue.

  6. In the Generate your certificate pane, choose Choose File..., and then select the CSR file you created.

  7. Choose Continue.

  8. When the certificate is ready, choose Download to save the certificate to your computer.

  9. Double-click the downloaded certificate to install it in Keychain on your Mac.