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Developer Guide

Step 5: Create a Provisioning Profile

A provisioning profile allows your app to run on your test device. You create and download a provisioning profile from your Apple Developer account and then install the provisioning profile in Xcode.

To create a provisioning profile

  1. Sign in to your Apple Developer account at

  2. Select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.

  3. In the Provisioning Profiles section, choose Distribution.

  4. In the iOS Provisioning Profiles (Distribution) pane, choose the add button (+). The Add iOS Provisioning Profiles (Distribution) pane is shown.

  5. In the Distribution section, select Ad Hoc, and then choose Continue.

  6. For App ID, select the app ID you created for your app, and then choose Continue.

  7. Select your iOS Development certificate and then choose Continue.

  8. For Select devices, select the device that you registered for testing, and choose Continue.

  9. Type a name for this provisioning profile, such as ApnsDistributionProfile, and choose Continue.

  10. Select Download to download the generated provisioning profile.

  11. Install the provisioning profile by double-clicking the downloaded file. The Xcode app opens in response.

  12. To verify that the provisioning profile is installed, check the list of installed provisioning profiles in Xcode by doing the following:

    1. In the Xcode menu bar, choose Xcode and then choose Preferences.

    2. In the preferences window, choose Accounts.

    3. In the Accounts tab, select your Apple ID, and then choose View Details.

    4. Check that your provisioning profile is listed in the Provisioning Profiles section.