Amazon Pinpoint
Developer Guide

Accessing Audience Data in Amazon Pinpoint

As you add endpoints to Amazon Pinpoint, it grows as a repository of audience data. This data consists of:

  • The endpoints that you add or update by using the Amazon Pinpoint API.

  • The endpoints that your client code adds or updates as users come to your application.

As your audience grows and changes, so does your endpoint data. To view the latest information that Amazon Pinpoint has about your audience, you can look up endpoints individually, or you can export all of the endpoints for an Amazon Pinpoint project. By viewing your endpoint data, you can learn about the audience characteristics that you record in your endpoints, such as:

  • Your users' devices and platforms.

  • Your users' time zones.

  • The versions of your app that are installed on users' devices.

  • Your users' locations, such as their cities or countries.

  • Any custom attributes or metrics that you record.

The Amazon Pinpoint console also provides analytics for the demographics and custom attributes that are captured in your endpoints.

Before you can look up endpoints, you must add them to your Amazon Pinpoint project. To add endpoints, see Defining Your Audience to Amazon Pinpoint.

Use the topics in this section to look up or export endpoints by using the Amazon Pinpoint API.