Amazon Pinpoint
Developer Guide

Adding an Android App to Amazon Pinpoint

Add an Android app to Amazon Pinpoint by creating a project in AWS Mobile Hub.


To complete this task, you need:

To add an Android app

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Mobile Hub console at

  2. If you have other Mobile Hub projects, choose Create new mobile project. If this is your first project, skip this step because you are taken directly to the page for creating a new project.

  3. Enter a project name. The name you enter will be the name of your project in the Amazon Pinpoint console.

  4. For the region, keep US East (Virginia).

  5. Choose Create project. Mobile Hub creates the project and shows the Pick and configure features for your project page.

  6. Choose Messaging & Analytics.

  7. On the Messaging & Analytics page, for What engagement features do you want to enable?, choose Messaging.

  8. For What Messaging Channels do you want to enable?, choose Mobile push.

  9. For Choose the platforms for which you want to enable push notifications, choose Android.

  10. Enter your API key and Sender ID, which are available from your project that has push messaging enabled in Firebase or Google Cloud Platform. In Google Cloud Platform, the sender ID is called project number.

  11. Choose Enable.

Mobile Hub helps you integrate Amazon Pinpoint with your app in two ways:

  1. You can download a working sample app that demonstrates Amazon Pinpoint features. Then, you can create a virtual device and build the sample app so that you can send it a push notification with Amazon Pinpoint.

  2. You can download a package that includes the required SDKs for your project. Then, you can follow the instructions in the AWS Mobile Hub console to integrate Amazon Pinpoint with your app.