Amazon Pinpoint
Developer Guide

Getting Started: Creating an Mobile App With Amazon Pinpoint Support

Before you can use Amazon Pinpoint, you must add your app as a project in AWS Mobile Hub and integrate your app with Amazon Pinpoint.

Mobile Hub is an AWS service that helps you create and configure mobile app backend features and integrate them into your app. To add a project and enable Amazon Pinpoint support, you require credentials that authorize Amazon Pinpoint to send push notifications to your app through the push notifications services for Android or iOS. If you need to obtain these credentials, see Setting Up Push Notifications for Amazon Pinpoint.

To integrate your app with Amazon Pinpoint, you download the necessary SDKs from Mobile Hub, and you add these SDKs to your app code.

To test the Amazon Pinpoint features that you enable in Mobile Hub, you download and launch a working sample app. Then, you can use Amazon Pinpoint to create a simple push notification campaign and send a message to the sample app.

If you want to use your own app instead of the Mobile Hub sample app, you can examine the sample app code for guidance on how to include support for push notifications in your own app. The Mobile Hub console also provides steps for integrating the mobile SDKs in your app and enabling Amazon Pinpoint support.