Amazon Pinpoint
Developer Guide

Setting up the AWS Mobile SDK for Android

Before modifying your app to use Amazon Pinpoint, you need to set up the AWS Mobile SDK for Android.

To set up AWS Mobile SDK for Android support in your app project

  1. Copy these AWS Mobile SDK for Android .jar files into the app\libs directory of your Android Studio project:

    • aws-android-sdk-core-2.3.4.jar

    • aws-android-sdk-cognito-2.3.4.jar

    • aws-android-sdk-pinpoint-2.3.4.jar

  2. Make sure your build.gradle file contains the following build dependencies:

    compile fileTree(include: ['*.jar'], dir: 'libs') compile ''

    Or you can list and compile each .jar file individually, as follows:

    compile files('libs/aws-android-sdk-core-2.3.4.jar') compile files('libs/aws-android-sdk-cognito-2.3.4.jar') compile files('libs/aws-android-sdk-pinpoint-2.3.4.jar')
  3. After the dependencies brackets, push:

    apply plugin: ''