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Tutorial: Using Postman with the Amazon Pinpoint API

Postman is a popular tool for testing APIs in an easy-to-use graphical environment. You can use Postman to send API requests to any REST API, and to receive responses to your requests. Using Postman is a convenient way to test and troubleshoot the calls that you make to the Amazon Pinpoint API. This tutorial includes procedures for setting up and using Postman with Amazon Pinpoint.


Postman is developed by a third-party company. It isn't developed or supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS). To learn more about using Postman, or for assistance with issues related to Postman, see the Support center on the Postman website.

About this tutorial

This section contains an overview of this tutorial.

Intended Audience

This tutorial is intended for developers and system implementers. You don't have to be familiar with Amazon Pinpoint or Postman to complete the steps in this tutorial. You should be comfortable managing IAM policies and modifying JSON code examples.

The procedures in this tutorial were designed to prevent new users from using API operations that can permanently delete Amazon Pinpoint resources. Advanced users can remove this restriction by modifying the policy that's associated with their users.

Features Used

This tutorial includes usage examples for the following Amazon Pinpoint feature:

  • Interacting with the Amazon Pinpoint API by using Postman

Time Required

It should take about 15 minutes to complete this tutorial.

Regional Restrictions

There are no regional restrictions associated with using this solution.

Resource Usage Costs

There's no charge for creating an AWS account. However, by implementing this solution, you might incur AWS usage costs if you use Postman to do any of the following:

  • Send email, SMS, mobile push, or voice messages

  • Create and send campaigns

  • Use the phone number validation feature

For more information about the charges that are associated with using Amazon Pinpoint, see Amazon Pinpoint pricing.