Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

Demographics Charts

The charts on the Demographics page help you understand the characteristics of the devices that your customers use to access your app. If you've configured your app to report custom metrics, this page also shows those metrics.

Viewing the Demographics Charts

You can view the Demographics charts in the Amazon Pinpoint console. You can filter the charts on this page by date.

To view and filter the Demographics charts

  1. In the navigation pane, under Analytics, choose Demographics.

  2. (Optional) To filter the charts by a specific date or range of dates, choose Last 30 days .

  3. (Optional) For All channels, choose a channel type to filter the charts by.

Chart Descriptions

The Demographics page includes the following charts:


Shows the proportion of customers who use your app on various platforms.

App versions

Shows the proportion of app users who use various versions of your app.


Shows the proportions of app users who use various device models (such as iPhone X or Galaxy S9).


Shows the proportions of app users who use various device makes (such as Apple or Samsung).


Shows Shows the countries and regions where users of your apps are located.

Custom charts

Shows custom attributes that are reported by your app.