Dashboard settings - Amazon Pinpoint

Dashboard settings

On the Dashboard settings page, you can change several settings that are related to the Deliverability dashboard. You can also find information that tells you about your usage of the Deliverability dashboard for the current month.

Subscription overview

The Subscription overview section contains information about the status of your Deliverability dashboard subscription. It also tells you how many days remain in the current billing cycle.

Your subscription to the Deliverability dashboard is billed each month. We aren't able to offer subscriptions for a portion of a billing period. If you cancel your subscription before the end of a billing period, we continue to charge you for the remaining days in the billing period. However, we don't charge you for the next billing period. To cancel your subscription, choose Cancel subscription.

Monthly usage

The Monthly usage section provides information about your usage of the Deliverability dashboard for the current month.

In the Domain reputation tracking section, you can choose which domains are monitored on the Domain reputation and Deliverability by campaign pages. Your subscription to the Deliverability dashboard lets you monitor up to five domains per month. You can monitor more than five domains for an additional monthly charge. To add or remove domains to the Deliverability dashboard, choose Edit in the Subscribed domains section.


You can only monitor domains that you've verified. For more information about verifying domains, see Verifying a domain.

The Predictive inbox placement tests section shows you how many Predictive inbox placement tests you've performed in the current month. Your subscription includes 25 tests. You can purchase additional tests for an additional fee.

For more information about Deliverability dashboard pricing, see Amazon Pinpoint pricing.