Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

Setting up Amazon Pinpoint Mobile Push Channels

Before you can use Amazon Pinpoint to send push notifications to your app, you must define your app as a project in AWS Mobile Hub and integrate your app with Amazon Pinpoint. Mobile Hub is an AWS service that helps you create and configure mobile app backend features and integrate them into your app.

When you define your project in Mobile Hub, you set up channels for Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), or Apple Push Notification service (APNs). To set up channels for Baidu Cloud Push or Amazon Device Messaging (ADM), manage your channels using the Settings page for your project in the Amazon Pinpoint console.

After you add an app to Amazon Pinpoint, you can update your push notification credentials on the Settings page. For more information, see Managing Mobile Push Channels with Amazon Pinpoint.