Managing the Amazon Pinpoint SMS channel - Amazon Pinpoint

Managing the Amazon Pinpoint SMS channel

You can manage SMS settings, such as your default message type (transactional or promotional) and your monthly spending quota, directly in the Amazon Pinpoint console.

Updating SMS channel settings

You can change several SMS-related settings. Most of these settings apply to your entire AWS account, but some apply to specific projects.

To edit SMS settings for a project
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. On the All projects page, choose the project that you want to edit SMS settings for.

  3. In the navigation pane, under Settings, choose SMS and voice.

  4. In the SMS settings section, choose Edit.

  5. Change the SMS settings for your project as needed. You can change the following settings:

    Enable the SMS channel for this project

    Select this option to enable or disable the SMS channel for the project. If this setting is not enabled, you can't send SMS messages from this project. This setting only applies to the current project.

    Default message type

    Choose the category of SMS messages that you plan to send from this account. If you send account-related messages or time-sensitive messages such as one-time passcodes, choose Transactional. If you plan to send messages that contain marketing material or other promotional content, choose Promotional. This setting applies to your entire AWS account.

    Account spending limit

    The maximum amount of money (in US Dollars) that you can spend sending messages each month. You can use this setting to ensure that your SMS sending doesn't exceed your budget, or as a way to prevent unexpected increases in spending. The price to send an SMS message varies depending on the destination country for that message. For current prices, see Amazon Pinpoint Pricing. This setting applies to your entire AWS account.

    Account sender ID

    The alphabetic sender ID that you want to use when you send messages from your account. This setting applies to your entire AWS account.


    Alphabetic sender IDs are only supported in certain countries. If you don't send messages to countries where sender ID is supported by the mobile carriers in that country, you don't need to specify anything in this field. Sender IDs aren't supported in common messaging destinations such as the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

    Additionally, some countries require sender IDs to be pre-registered with government agencies or industry organizations.

    For a list of countries that support alphabetic sender IDs, see Supported countries and regions (SMS channel) in the Amazon Pinpoint SMS User Guide.

  6. When you finish, choose Save changes.