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Supported Countries and Regions

You can use the voice channel to send voice messages to recipients all around the world. However, in some countries and regions, you have to use a local phone number in order to make automated calls, such as the calls that you make by using the Amazon Pinpoint voice channel. You can obtain local phone numbers in several countries and regions directly from AWS.

Countries and Regions Where You Can Obtain Local Phone Numbers

The following table lists the countries that you can obtain local phone numbers in. If a country or region isn't listed in this table, you might still be able to send voice messages to recipients in that country or region.

If the value in the Supports SMS column is Yes, then you can send both voice and SMS messages from the same phone number. If the value in the Supports SMS column is No, but your use case requires that you use a long code for sending SMS messages, see Requesting Dedicated Long Codes for SMS Messaging with Amazon Pinpoint.

If the value in the Local address required column is Yes, then you have to provide a local address in that country or region in order to lease a local phone number. If the value in the Local address required column is No, you can lease local phone numbers directly through the Amazon Pinpoint console.

Country or Region Local Address Required? Supports SMS?
Argentina Yes No
Australia Yes No
Austria No No
Bahrain Yes No
Barbados No No
Brazil No No
Bulgaria Yes No
Burkina Faso No No
Canada No Yes
Cayman Islands No No
Chile No No
Colombia No No
Cambodia Yes No
Croatia Yes No
Cyprus No No
Dominican Republic No No
Ecuador No No
El Salvador No No
Finland Yes No
Germany Yes No
Greece Yes No
Grenada No No
Guatemala No No
Hungary Yes No
Iceland Yes No
Indonesia No No
Ireland Yes No
Israel No No
Italy Yes No
Jamaica No No
Japan No No
Kazakhstan Yes No
Kenya No No
Latvia Yes No
Lithuania No No
Luxembourg Yes No
Malaysia No No
Mali Yes No
Mexico Yes No
Moldova Yes No
New Zealand No No
Nicaragua Yes No
Norway Yes No
Pakistan Yes No
Panama Yes No
Peru No No
Philippines No No
Poland Yes No
Puerto Rico No Yes
Romania Yes No
Slovakia Yes No
Slovenia Yes No
South Africa Yes No
Sudan Yes No
Switzerland Yes No
Taiwan Yes No
Tajikistan Yes No
Thailand Yes No
Trinidad and Tobago No No
United Kingdom No No
United States No Yes
Uruguay Yes No
Venezuela Yes No
Vietnam No No