Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

Getting Started with Amazon Pinpoint

To begin using Amazon Pinpoint, add a project to AWS Mobile Hub. Then, choose your project in the Amazon Pinpoint console to define user segments, create push notification campaigns, and view analytics.

Adding a Project to Amazon Pinpoint

Before you can use Amazon Pinpoint, you must create a project in the AWS Mobile Hub console at

Mobile Hub is an AWS service that helps you create and configure mobile app backend features and integrate them into your app. When you create your project, add the Messaging & Analytics feature. After you create the project in Mobile Hub, it becomes available in Amazon Pinpoint.

When you add the Messaging & Analytics feature, you choose one or more messaging channels to enable. After you create a project that supports at least one channel, you can manage channel settings, or enable other channels, in the Amazon Pinpoint console. For more information about creating a project and enabling a specific channel, see:

Getting Started with Amazon Pinpoint

After you add a project to Amazon Pinpoint, you can choose your project in the Amazon Pinpoint console at to do the following tasks.

  1. Define a user segment so that you can engage a specific subset of your audience with a messaging campaign.

  2. Create a campaign to send tailored messages to your segment according to a schedule that you define.

  3. View analytics to learn how many users your campaign is sending messages to, how many users are viewing those messages, and other information.