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Take a Tour of Journeys

Journeys includes some new concepts and terminology that you might not be familiar with. This topic explores these concepts in detail.

Journeys Terminology

Journey workspace

The area of the journey page where you create your journey by adding activities.


A step in a journey. Different things can happen when participants arrive on different types of activities. In Amazon Pinpoint, you can create the following types of activities:

Send email

When a participant arrives on a Send email activity, Amazon Pinpoint sends them an email. When you create a Send email activity, you specify an email template to use for the email. Email templates can include message variables, helping you to create a more personalized experience.


When a participant arrives on a Wait activity, they remain on that activity until a certain date or for a specific amount of time.

Yes/No split

Sends participants down one of two paths based on criteria that you define. For example, you can send all participants who read an email down one path, and send everyone else down the other path.

Multivariate split

Sends participants down one of up to four paths, based on criteria that you define. Participants who don't meet any of the criteria proceed down an "Else" path.


Ends the journey for a specified percentage of participants.

Random split

Randomly sends participants down one of up to five paths.


A connector that joins one activity to another. A split activity might have several paths.


A person who is traveling through the activities in a journey.

Parts of the Journeys Interface

This section contains information about the components of the journeys interface. When you create or edit a journey, you see the journey workspace. The following image shows an example of the journey workspace.

The following table includes descriptions of several of the buttons that appear in the journey workspace.

Appearance Button name Description


Opens the help panel, which shows additional information about individual journey activities.

Delete activity

Deletes the highlighted activity.


Reverts the most recent action.


Restores an action that was previously undone by using the Undo button.


Moves to the top of the journey and centers the Journey entry activity on the journey workspace.

Zoom out

Reduces the size of objects in the journey workspace.

Zoom in

Increases the size of objects in the journey workspace.

Add activity

This button appears at every point where you can insert another step in the journey. When you choose this button, you see a menu that lets you choose an activity type.


A quick and easy way to provide feedback about your experience using journeys. We review all of the feedback that we receive through this button. We might contact you for additional information if we have any questions.