Sending a test email message - Amazon Pinpoint

Sending a test email message

To send a test email message, you have to use a project that has the email channel enabled. To learn how to create a new project and enable the email channel for it, see Setting up the Amazon Pinpoint email channel. To learn how to enable the email channel for an existing project, see Managing the Amazon Pinpoint email channel.

To send a test email message
  1. Open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. On the All projects page, choose the project that you want to send a test message for.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Test messaging.

  4. On the Test messaging page, under Channel, choose Email.

  5. For Destination type, choose one of the following destinations for your message:

    • Email addresses – Each destination is a recipient's email address.

    • Endpoint IDs – Each destination is a unique ID that's assigned to an endpoint for the project.

  6. Depending on your selection for Destination type, enter one or more Endpoint IDs or Email addresses. You can enter up to 15 values. Use commas to separate multiple values.

  7. For Message content, choose whether you want to Create a new message or Use an existing template.


    The maximum email message size for Create a new message is 200 KB. You can use email templates to send larger email messages.

    If you choose to use an existing template, choose the template from the Template list. After you choose a template, Amazon Pinpoint displays a preview of the active version of the template. The active version is typically the version of a template that's been reviewed and approved for use, depending on your workflow.

    If you choose to create a new message, specify a subject in the Subject field, and a message body in the Message field.


    You can enter the message body by using either HTML or Design view. In the HTML view, you can manually enter HTML content for the message body, including formatting, links, and other features that you want to include in the message. In the Design view, you can use a rich text editor to enter the content of the message body. You can use the formatting toolbar to apply formatting and add links and other features to the message body. To switch views, choose HTML or Design from the view selector above the message editor.

    In the field below the message editor, optionally enter the content that you want to display in the body of messages that are sent to recipients whose email applications don't display HTML content.

  8. Note

    You must setup an email orchestration sending role before you can use email headers. For more information, see Creating an email orchestration sending role in Amazon Pinpoint.

    Under Headers, choose Add new headers, to add up to 15 headers for the email message. For a list of supported headers see Amazon SES header fields in the Amazon Simple Email Service Developer Guide.

    • For Name, enter the name of the header.

    • For Value, enter the value of the header.

    (Optional) To add a One-click unsubscribe link, to a promotional email, add the following two headers:

    1. Create a header with List-Unsubscribe for Name and set Value to your unsubscribe link. The link must support HTTP POST requests to process the recipients unsubscribe request.

    2. Create a header with List-Unsubscribe-Post for Name and set Value to List-Unsubscribe=One-Click.

  9. When you finish, choose Send message.