Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

Sending an Email Message

To send a test email message, you have to use a project in which the email channel is enabled. To create a new project with email support, see Setting up the Amazon Pinpoint Email Channel. To add email support to an existing project, see Managing the Amazon Pinpoint Email Channel.

  1. Open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. On the Projects page, choose a project in which the push notification channel is enabled.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Test messaging.

  4. Under Channel, choose Email.

  5. For Destination type, choose one of the following destinations for your message:

    • Email addresses – Each destination is the recipient's email address.

    • Endpoint IDs – Each destination is a unique ID assigned to an Amazon Pinpoint endpoint resource.

  6. Depending on your selection for Destination type, type one or more Endpoint IDs or Email addresses. You can type up to 15 values. Use commas to separate multiple values.

  7. Under Message, for Message content, choose whether you want to Create a new message or Use an existing template.

    If you choose to use an existing template, choose a template from the Template menu.

    If you choose to create a new message, specify a title in the Title field, and a message body in the Message field. You can also modify the title and body of the message if you choose an existing template.

  8. (Optional) Under Plain text message, type a version of your message for email clients that accept only plain text emails.

  9. When you finish, choose Send message.