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Amazon Pinpoint message templates

If you frequently design and send a certain type of message, such as a weekly newsletter or an appointment reminder, you can create and save it as a message template. You can then use the template as a starting point each time you need to send that type of message, instead of designing and writing the message again.

A message template is a set of content and settings that you can create, save, and then reuse in messages that you send for any of your Amazon Pinpoint projects. When you create a template, you specify the content that you want to reuse in various components of messages that are based on the template.

These components are referred to as template parts. They can contain static text, personalized content, images, and other design elements, depending on the type of template. A template part can also contain channel-specific settings. For example, a template part in a push notification template can specify a custom sound to play or an image to display when a recipient receives a push notification that's based on the template.

When you create a message, you can choose a template to use for the message. If you choose a template, Amazon Pinpoint populates the message with the content and settings in the template.

You can design the following types of message templates in Amazon Pinpoint:

  • Email templates for email messages that you send from campaigns or journeys, or to a limited audience as direct or test messages.

  • Push notification templates for push notifications that you send from campaigns, or to a limited audience as direct or test messages.

  • SMS templates for SMS text messages that you send from campaigns, or to a limited audience as direct or test messages.

  • Voice templates for voice messages that you send as direct or test messages.

In addition to supporting multiple types of message templates, Amazon Pinpoint supports versioning for message templates. Versioning provides a way for you to design and change a template over time, while also creating and maintaining a history of the template. Versioning also provides a way for you to specify which version of a template can be used in messages. To learn more about template versions, see Managing versions of message templates.

The topics in this chapter explain how to create and manage message templates for your Amazon Pinpoint account.