Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

Email Settings

On the Email settings page, you can enable or disable the email channel. You can also verify the identities (email addresses and domains) that you use to send email from your campaigns.

  1. Open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. On the Pinpoint Projects page, choose the project that you want to change the email settings for.

  3. In the navigation pane, under Settings, choose SMS.

  4. Next to Channel settings, choose Edit.

  5. On the Edit email settings page, you can change the following settings:

    • Enable email for your project – Enable this option to make the email channel active for the selected project.

    • Identity type – In this section, you can choose the email address or sending domain that campaigns in this project use by default when sending email.

      Under Identity type, choose the type of identity that you want to set up. You can choose to set up an Email address or Domain. After you choose an identity type, you can choose whether you want to use an identity that you've already verified, or verify a new identity.

      If you choose to verify a new address or domain, type the address or domain that you want to verify, and then choose Verify Email or Verify Domain. Next, complete the instructions on the screen for verifying the identity.

  6. When you finish making changes, choose Save.