Getting information about 10DLC registration issues - Amazon Pinpoint

Getting information about 10DLC registration issues

In some situations, you could receive an error message when you attempt to register your company or your 10DLC campaign.

Company registration issues

When you register your company, you see one of two registration statuses: Verified or Unverified. If the company registration status is Verified, then your company registration was successful. You can begin to create 10DLC campaigns.

If the status for your company registration is Unverified, there were issues with the information that you provided. The Amazon Pinpoint console provides information about the reasons that your company registration received this status.

To view registration issues for your 10DLC company registration
  1. Open the Amazon Pinpoint console at

  2. In the navigation pane, under SMS and voice, choose Phone numbers.

  3. On the 10DLC campaigns tab, in the list of campaigns, choose the name of the company that you want to find more information about.

  4. The company detail page contains information about the issues that were identified in your registration. If a field in the Company info section contains a warning symbol ( ), the registration issue is related to the information in that field.

    Check the information that you provided and confirm that all of the fields contain the correct information. You can edit your company registration in the Amazon Pinpoint console. For more information about modifying your company registration details, see Editing or deleting a registered company.

If you're unable to identify the issue with your registration, you can create a case with AWS Support to request additional information. Follow the procedure in Campaign registration issues to create a case.

Campaign registration issues

When you register your 10DLC campaign, you might see an error message in certain situations.

To submit a request for information about a rejected 10DLC campaign
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console at

  2. On the Support menu, choose Support Center.

  3. On the Your support cases pane, choose Create case.

  4. Choose the Looking for service limit increases? link.

  5. For Limit type, choose Pinpoint SMS.

  6. In the Requests section, do the following:

    • For Region, choose the AWS Region that you attempted to register the campaign in.

    • For Resource Type, choose 10DLC Registration.

    • For the Limit, choose Company or 10DLC Campaign Registration Rejection.

  7. For Use case description, enter the rejected 10DLC campaign ID.

  8. Under Contact options, for Preferred contact language, choose the language that you prefer to use when communicating with the AWS Support team.

  9. For Contact method, choose your preferred method of communicating with the AWS Support team.

  10. Choose Submit.

The AWS Support team will provide information about the reasons that your 10DLC campaign registration was rejected in your AWS Support case.