Amazon Pinpoint
User Guide

Step 1: Create a New Amazon Pinpoint Project

In Amazon Pinpoint, a project is a collection of settings, segments, campaigns, and analytics for a specific set of customer engagements. Before you can send email using Amazon Pinpoint, you first have to create a campaign.

The procedure in this section shows you how to create a project by using the AWS CLI.

To create a new Amazon Pinpoint project

  • At the command line, type the following command to create a new project. Replace My Email Project with a unique name for your project.

    aws pinpoint create-app --create-application-request Name="My Email Project"

    When the command runs successfully, you see output similar to the following example:

    { "ApplicationResponse": { "Id": "28268e0b68c54257bc66a1085EXAMPLE", "Name": "My Email Project" } }

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