DescribeVoices - Amazon Polly


The following Java code sample show how to use Java-based applications to produce a list of the voices that are available for use when requesting speech synthesis. You can optionally specify a language code to filter the available voices. For example, if you specify en-US, the operation returns a list of all available US English voices.

For more information on this operation, see the reference for the DescribeVoices API.

package com.amazonaws.polly.samples; import; import; import; import; public class DescribeVoicesSample { AmazonPolly client = AmazonPollyClientBuilder.defaultClient(); public void describeVoices() { DescribeVoicesRequest allVoicesRequest = new DescribeVoicesRequest(); DescribeVoicesRequest enUsVoicesRequest = new DescribeVoicesRequest().withLanguageCode("en-US"); try { String nextToken; do { DescribeVoicesResult allVoicesResult = client.describeVoices(allVoicesRequest); nextToken = allVoicesResult.getNextToken(); allVoicesRequest.setNextToken(nextToken); System.out.println("All voices: " + allVoicesResult.getVoices()); } while (nextToken != null); do { DescribeVoicesResult enUsVoicesResult = client.describeVoices(enUsVoicesRequest); nextToken = enUsVoicesResult.getNextToken(); enUsVoicesRequest.setNextToken(nextToken); System.out.println("en-US voices: " + enUsVoicesResult.getVoices()); } while (nextToken != null); } catch (Exception e) { System.err.println("Exception caught: " + e); } } }