Amazon Polly
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Bilingual Voices

A bilingual voice like Aditi (Indian English and Hindi) can speak two languages fluently. This gives you the ability to use words and phrases from both languages in a single text using the same voice.

Currently, Aditi is the only bilingual voice available.

Using a Bilingual Voice (Aditi)

Aditi speaks both Indian English (en-IN) and Hindi (hi-IN) fluently. You can synthesize speech in both English and Hindi, and the voice can switch between the two languages even within the same sentence.

Hindi can be used in two different forms:

  • Devanagari: "उसने कहाँ, खेल तोह अब शुरू होगा"

  • Romanagari (using the Latin alphabet): "Usne kahan, khel toh ab shuru hoga"

Additionally, it's possible to mix English and Hindi of either or both forms within a single sentence:

  • Devanagari + English: "This is the song कभी कभी अदिति"

  • Romanagari + English: "This is the song from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na."

  • Devanagari + Romanagari + English: "This is the song कभी कभी अदिति from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na."

Because Aditi is a bilingual voice, text in all of these cases will be read correctly, as Amazon Polly can differentiate between the languages and scripts.

Amazon Polly also supports numbers, dates, times, and currency expansion in both English (Arabic numerals) and Hindi (Devanagari numerals). By default, Arabic numerals are read in Indian English. To make Amazon Polly read them in Hindi, you must use the hi-IN language code parameter.