Using the GetLexicon Operation - Amazon Polly

Using the GetLexicon Operation

Amazon Polly provides the GetLexicon API operation to retrieve the content of a pronunciation lexicon you stored in your account in a specific region.

The following get-lexicon AWS CLI command retrieves the content of the example lexicon.

aws polly get-lexicon \ --name example

If you don't already have a lexicon stored in your account, you can use the PutLexicon operation to store one. For more information, see Using the PutLexicon Operation.

The following is a sample response. In addition to the lexicon content, the response returns the metadata, such as the language code to which the lexicon applies, number of lexemes defined in the lexicon, the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the resource, and the size of the lexicon in bytes. The LastModified value is a Unix timestamp.

{ "Lexicon": { "Content": "lexicon content in plain text PLS format", "Name": "example" }, "LexiconAttributes": { "LanguageCode": "en-US", "LastModified": 1474222543.989, "Alphabet": "ipa", "LexemesCount": 1, "LexiconArn": "arn:aws:polly:us-east-2:account-id:lexicon/example", "Size": 495 } }

Additional Code Samples for the GetLexicon API