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NTTS Newscaster Style

People use different speaking styles, depending on context. Casual conversation, for example, sounds very different from a TV or radio newscast. When Amazon Polly synthesizes speech using standard voices, it uses the concatenative method. The concatenative method stings together short speech snippets stored in an audio database to produce the optimal, most natural sounding speech possible. However, these voice recordings are style neutral.

Amazon Polly generates neural voices using a sequence-to-sequence model producing results that not only use the audio data input to form the voice, but also consider its position in the sequence of outputs. It then trains for a specific speaking style, with the variations and emphasis on certain parts of speech inherent in that style.

The Newscaster style uses the neural system to generate. speech in the style of a TV or radio newscaster. The Newscaster style is available only for the Matthew and Joanna voices, which are available only in American English (en-US).

Using the Newscaster Style

The Newscaster style is available only for the American English (en-US) voices Matthew or Joanna voices, using the neural engine. To use the Newscaster style, you must first choose the neural engine and then use the syntax below in your input text.


To use the Newscaster style, you need to use one of the AWS Regions that support neural voices. This option is not available in other Regions. For more information, see Feature and Region Compatibility.

To apply the Newscaster style (console)

  1. Open the Amazon Polly console at

  2. Ensure that you are using an AWS Region where neural voices are supported.

  3. On the Text-to-Speech page, for Engine, choose Neural.

  4. Choose the SSML tab.

  5. Add input text to your text-to-speech request using the Newscaster style SSML syntax, below.

To apply the Newscaster style (CLI)

  1. In your API request, include the engine parameter with the neural value:

    --engine neural
  2. Add input text to your API request using the Newscaster style SSML syntax, below.

Use the following syntax in your input file.

<amazon:domain name="news">text</amazon:domain>

For example, you might use the newscaster tag with the Matthew or Joanna voice as follows:

<speak> <amazon:domain name="news"> From the Tuesday, April 16th, 1912 edition of The Guardian newspaper: The maiden voyage of the White Star liner Titanic, the largest ship ever launched ended in disaster. The Titanic started her trip from Southampton for New York on Wednesday. Late on Sunday night she struck an iceberg off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. By wireless telegraphy she sent out signals of distress, and several liners were near enough to catch and respond to the call. </amazon:domain> </speak>

For more information about SSML, see Supported SSML Tags.