Amazon Polly
Developer Guide

Using Amazon Polly in Applications

After you've installed the Amazon Polly for Windows plugin, the Amazon Polly voices can be accessed by any Windows application that implements Windows SAPI. To use a voice, choose it from the list of Amazon Polly voices in the application. For a complete list of available voices, see Available Voices.

For an example of how to use Amazon Polly voices in a Windows application (Adobe Captivate), see Using Amazon Polly in Windows Applications on the AWS Machine Learning Blog.

To use Amazon Polly voices in a Windows application, you can use PollyPlayer. PollyPlayer is a simple Windows speech synthesis application that's installed when you install the Amazon Polly for Windows plugin.

To use PollyPlayer

  1. On the Windows Start menu, under Amazon Polly for Windows, choose PollyPlayer.

  2. In the PollyPlayer application, choose a voice, then enter the text that you want to hear.

                            The PollyPlayer application.
  3. To hear the text, choose Say It.