Amazon Polly
Developer Guide

Amazon Polly for Windows SAPI Compliant Applications

With the Amazon Polly for Windows plugin, Amazon Polly provides greatly expanded speech capability for Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI)-compliant Windows applications. SAPI is a Microsoft Windows API that enables desktop applications to generate speech.

Windows provides one male and one female voice that can be used with for the SAPI API. With the Amazon Polly for Windows plug-in, the Windows application becomes an AWS client, enabling you to use all Amazon Polly voices, including both standard and neural voices, and the newscaster speaking style. The Amazon Polly for Windows plugin only supports 64-bit SAPI applications.

Amazon Polly for Windows supports all Amazon Polly, features such as Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) . When using SSML with the plugin, the standard functionality is available and the standard limits apply. For more information about using SSML with Amazon Polly, see Generating Speech from SSML Documents. For more information about limits, see Limits in Amazon Polly.