Requesting Speech Marks (Console) - Amazon Polly

Requesting Speech Marks (Console)

You can use the console to request speech marks from Amazon Polly. You can then view the metadata or save it to a file.

To generate speech marks (console)

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Polly console at

  2. Choose the Text-to-Speech tab.

  3. Turn on SSML to use SSML.

  4. Type or paste your text into the input box.

  5. For Language, choose the language for your text.

  6. For Voice, choose the voice you want to use for the text.

  7. To change text pronunciation, expand Additional settings, turn on Customize pronunciation, and for Apply lexicon, choose the desired lexicon.

  8. To verify that the speech is in its final form, choose Listen.

  9. Turn on Speech file format settings.


    Downloading MP3, OGG, or PCM formats will not generate speech marks.

  10. For File Format, choose Speech marks.

  11. For Speech mark types, choose the types of speech marks to generate. The option to choose SSML metadata is only available when SSML is on. For more information on using SSML with Amazon Polly see Generating Speech from SSML Documents.

  12. Choose Download.