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Configure an Amazon S3 Bucket as a Website and Enable Logging

Use the Write-S3BucketWebsite cmdlet to configure an Amazon S3 bucket as a static website. The following example specifies a name of index.html for the default content web page and a name of error.html for the default error web page. Note that this cmdlet does not create those pages. They need to be uploaded as Amazon S3 objects.

PS C:\> Write-S3BucketWebsite -BucketName website-example -WebsiteConfiguration_IndexDocumentSuffix index.html -WebsiteConfiguration_ErrorDocument error.html RequestId : A1813E27995FFDDD AmazonId2 : T7hlDOeLqA5Q2XfTe8j2q3SLoP3/5XwhUU3RyJBGHU/LnC+CIWLeGgP0MY24xAlI ResponseStream : Headers : {x-amz-id-2, x-amz-request-id, Content-Length, Date...} Metadata : {} ResponseXml :

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