Analytics layer S3 bucket - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Analytics layer S3 bucket

The analytics layer is similar to the stage layer because the data is in a processed file format, but the data is then aggregated according to your organization's requirements.

The following table provides the naming structure, a description of the naming structure, and a name example for the S3 bucket in your analytics data layer.

Naming format Example

  • companyname – The organization’s name (optional).

  • awsregion – The AWS Region (for example, us-east-1, or sa-east-1).

  • awsaccount|uniqid – The unique identifier or AWS account ID.

  • env – The deployment environment (for example, dev, test, or prod).

  • source – The source or content (for example, MySQL database, ecommerce, or SAP).

  • source_region – For example, us or asia.

  • business_unit – The business unit that the data is processed for.

  • tabletb_customer, tb_transactions, or tb_products.

  • partitions – Partitions that provide the best performance for the consumer, allowing the query engine to avoid full data scans.