Landing zone S3 bucket - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Landing zone S3 bucket

You require an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket for your landing zone if sensitive datasets contain elements that must be masked before data is moved to the raw bucket.

The following table provides the naming structure, a description of the naming structure, and a name example for the S3 bucket in your landing zone layer.

Naming format Example

  • companyname – The organization’s name (optional).

  • awsregion – The AWS Region (for example, us-east-1, or sa-east-1).

  • awsaccount|uniqid – The unique identifier or AWS account ID.

  • env – The deployment environment (for example, dev, test, or prod).

  • source – The source or content (for example, MySQL database, ecommerce, or SAP).

  • source_region – For example, us or asia.

  • tabletb_customer, tb_transactions, or tb_products.