Business requirements assessment template - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Business requirements assessment template

Provide a description for the use case:


Imagine that you are building an online multiplayer game. In your game, groups of 50 players join a session to play a game, which typically takes around 30 minutes to play. During the game, you have to update a specific player’s record to indicate the amount of time the player has been playing, their statistics, or whether they won the game. Users want to see old games they’ve played, either to view the games’ winners or to watch a replay of each game’s action.

Provide information about your users:

     Providing user information

Provide information about the sources of data and how data will be ingested:

     Providing information about data sources

Provide information about how data will be consumed:

     Providing information about data consumption

Provide a list of entities and how they are identified:

     Providing a list of entities

Create an ER model for the entities:

     Creating an ER model

Provide high-level statistics about the entities:

     Providing high-level statistics