Set up your CloudEndure account and users - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Set up your CloudEndure account and users

Before you start your migration, follow these steps:

  1. Subscribe to CloudEndure Migration in AWS Marketplace, where it's available as a SaaS contract directly through your existing AWS account.

  2. Create an account in CloudEndure. For instructions, see Registering to CloudEndure Migration in the CloudEndure documentation.

  3. Add users. The account owner and account administrators can manage users and projects in the CloudEndure User Console. For information about inviting and managing users, see User Management in the CloudEndure documentation.

  4. Create and configure a CloudEndure project. Log in to the CloudEndure User Console and follow the steps provided in Working with Projects in the CloudEndure documentation.

    For project type, select Migration.

              Creating a CloudEndure project


Make sure that you have sufficient migration licenses for your project.