Install CloudEndure Agent on source machines - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Install CloudEndure Agent on source machines

After you’ve prepared your environment and configured your replication settings, you can install CloudEndure Agent on the machines in your source environment. The Agent replicates your applications and data in the staging area on AWS. Follow these steps:

  1. In the CloudEndure User Console, choose Machines, Machine Actions, Add Machines.

  2. Locate the Installation Token that was provided for you when your CloudEndure account was activated. (To locate your tokens, choose Help, How to Add Machines in the CloudEndure User Console.)

  3. Download the Agent installer file to each source machine, and then use the command provided in the How to Add Machines pane to run the installer on each source machine.

For more information, see Installing the CloudEndure Agents in the CloudEndure documentation.

When the Agent is installed, the source machine appears in the CloudEndure User Console, in the Machines tab, and the machine undergoes initial data replication (Initial Sync).

          CloudEndure Migration replication settings

Use the Machines dashboard to monitor the Initial Sync process, which includes these steps:

  1. Creating firewall rules.

  2. Creating the replication server.

  3. Booting the replication server.

  4. Resolving the CloudEndure Service Manager address in the replication server.

  5. Authenticating the replication server with the CloudEndure Service Manager.

  6. Downloading the CloudEndure replication software to the replication server.

  7. Creating staging disks.

  8. Attaching the staging disks to the replication server.

  9. Pairing the CloudEndure Agent with the replication server.

  10. Establishing communication between the CloudEndure Agent and the replication server.

When the Initial Sync is complete, the Machines dashboard shows the final status as Continuous Data Replication. This indicates that all changes in the source server are being synchronized with the CloudEndure replication server.

For more information, see Monitoring Your Solution in the CloudEndure documentation.