Cutting over to AWS - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Cutting over to AWS

When you’ve completed your test and you’re ready to cut over to the target environment on AWS, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that the Data Replication Progress for the source machine is Continuous Data Replication mode, and that the Live Migration Lifecycle column displays the status Tested.

  2. Verify the Blueprint configuration.

  3. Schedule and perform the cutover:

    1. On the Machines page, check the box to the left of each source machine you want to migrate.

    2. Choose Launch x Target Machine, and then choose Cutover Mode.

                  CloudEndure Migration cutover mode

    3. When you receive the confirmation prompt, choose Continue to launch the target machines. You can monitor the launch process on the Job Progress tab.

    4. Verify that the cutover completed successfully.

                  CloudEndure Migration cutover mode

    5. Verify service configuration and other settings.

    6. Verify that your network works as expected.

    7. Validate that you can connect to your target machines by using SSH for Linux or RDP for Windows, and perform acceptance tests for your application.

    8. Shut down your source machines.

  4. After cutover is validated, uninstall the CloudEndure Agent by removing machines from the CloudEndure User Console.

    1. On the Machines page, check the box to the left of each source machine you want to remove.

    2. From the Machine Actions menu, choose Remove x Machines from This Console. It takes up to 60 minutes for CloudEndure Migration to clean up the replication instances and volumes in the staging area.

    3. When all Agents have been uninstalled, delete the virtual private cloud (VPC) for the staging area. This deletes all the AWS resources you created for replication.

For more information about the cutover process, see Performing a Migration Cutover in the CloudEndure documentation.