FAQ - AWS Prescriptive Guidance


This section provides answers to commonly raised questions about change adoption and organizational acceleration in cloud migration projects.

What is OCM, and why does this guide refer to people acceleration?

Organizational change management (OCM) is the application of a programmatic methodology of tools and processes that minimize the organizational impacts brought on by a change initiative and increase business adoption of the new ways of working, as companies transition from current to future states. The value of OCM to any type of change initiative is that it accelerates business adoption, minimizes the performance dip during transition, and shortens the project completion time. Given the speed of change required to implement a cloud migration, we prefer to refer to the process as people acceleration.

Why is a framework needed to help organizations accelerate change adoption and organizational acceleration?

For most organizations, cloud adoption represents a significant business transformation that requires the buy-in and mobilization of a company’s most valuable resources: their people. Companies struggle with how to effectively drive the cultural and organizational changes necessary to operate successfully in a cloud environment. The OCM framework addresses these changes at the organizational, program, and individual level. The primary objective of this framework is to support AWS customers in a way that mitigates their concerns and accelerates their cloud adoption efforts.