Modernizing operations in the AWS Cloud - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Modernizing operations in the AWS Cloud

Itai Njanji, Global Practice Lead, AWS Cloud Management Tools Partner Network

August 2019

The process of modernizing operations in the cloud involves readiness, automation, and integration. In a migration project, these activities are commonly referred to as operations integration (OI). This guide describes the OI workstream, and specifically how to incorporate tools, people, and process perspectives into various activities to build a cloud operating model.

Targeted business outcomes

Business outcomes can be categorized as follows:

  • Operations readiness: Understand how you currently perform IT operations and how you will operate in AWS. One way to achieve this business outcome is to define a cloud operating model. For more information, see the cloud operating model diagram later in this guide.

  • Operations automation: Invest in automation to deliver an AWS operating model. For more information, see the Using AWS services for automation section later in this guide.

  • Operations integration: Continue using current IT tools and extend them through integration to AWS. For more information, see the Tools integration section later in this guide.

Summary process

When you start the process, your operations are in a hybrid state. Although the goal is a fully modernized operation, OI makes it possible for you to use tools and processes to meet the production needs of your applications when they are running in a hybrid cloud environment.

The objective of the OI workstream is to review your current operational model and develop an approach that supports the future-state operating models as you migrate to AWS. The operating model should take into account the relationships among people, processes, and tools. As a workstream owner, you identify and document high-level gaps around tools, processes, and people from the end-state operational model perspective. Then you can create an implementation roadmap or prioritization of the work.