Analyzing the results and identifying actions - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Analyzing the results and identifying actions

At the conclusion of the MRA session, you will have collected data across the dimensions of the AWS CAF and you can present observations as an executive summary of the general conversation. It isn’t necessary at this stage to provide deep technical solutions for each area.

Identify actions for each area to help the organization get to a state where they are ready for migration. The key is to ensure a smooth migration experience for the first few applications they are planning to migrate. During this first pass, don’t attempt to provide an action plan to solve every aspect of every application; an iterative approach will help maintain quality and security while providing agility and speed.

For each action, provide a due date and an owner at the minimum. Ideally, a project should be created and started to ensure the timely closing of actions.


Use the AWS Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA) tool (requires login) to gain access to questions. This tool also provides a report generator that assists in analyzing results, summarizing observations and recommended actions, and building a presentation.