Presenting the results - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Presenting the results

Generally, presenting the observations, actions, and next steps takes about an hour. This session should include the attendees of the MRA discussion session and additional stakeholders if needed.

Start the discussion with a reminder of the business objectives and outcomes that are being pursued. This helps set the right tone as the observations and activities that follow help deliver those outcomes. Follow this up with a general summary and high-level summaries across the areas that were analyzed. Focus on highlighting the broad areas of strength and weakness, and then share the plan that addresses the weaknesses, to enable the organization to meet the level of readiness required for a successful migration. The objective of the session is alignment and agreement on next steps to dive deeper into certain areas and start implementing and building momentum.


If you’re following the AWS MRA methodology and tools, areas will be identified by green, red, or yellow (see the heat map earlier in this guide) to indicate their level of readiness. You can remedy red and yellow scores by completing the activities of the mobilize phase. These scores are not a reflection of the current on-premises status of the application.