Next steps - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Next steps

In this guide, we discussed Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA), which is a method for identifying where an enterprise is in their cloud journey. Using the AWS CAF ensures that you’re looking at your enterprise’s environment holistically and considering buy-in and business concerns instead of focusing solely on the technical aspects of migration. To learn more, contact an AWS Account Manager.

After a readiness assessment, you should complete the identified actions and implement the defined plan. If you’re following AWS methodologies, this would include implementing the mobilize phase of the migration project.

Getting workloads migrated should be the objective of activities after the MRA. To help facilitate this, identify low-risk or easy-to-move workloads that can move in early stages while other actions are being completed. This enables the team to start building up success stories to help gain buy-in and excitement from other teams.