CloudEndure Migration - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

CloudEndure Migration

CloudEndure Migration is an agent-based solution that migrates your application or SQL Server database servers to AWS by using rehosting (lift-and-shift). It supports self-service, rapid, reliable migrations with minimal business disruption. Using CloudEndure Migration, you can migrate SQL Server database servers that are running Windows Server version 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, or 2019.

To migrate using CloudEndure, you first install the CloudEndure Agent on your source SQL Server machine, which connects to a self-service, web-based CloudEndure User Console that issues an API call to the selected target AWS staging area.

The staging area consists of both lightweight EC2 instances that act as replication servers and low-cost staging Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes. The replication server receives data from the CloudEndure Agent that’s running on the source machine and writes this data to the staging EBS volumes.

After all the source disks have been replicated to the staging area, the Agent continues to track and replicate any changes on the source disk to the target staging area asynchronously, using block-level data replication.

You configure your target machine in the CloudEndure User Console. When the target machines are ready to be launched, CloudEndure automatically converts them to boot and run natively on AWS. After this process finishes, the machines are ready and available for use.

The following diagram shows the migration process.

     SQL Server migration process with CloudEndure Migration

For more information, see the CloudEndure Migration website on AWS and the CloudEndure Migration pattern for SQL Server.