CloudEndure Disaster Recovery - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery is an agent-based solution that replicates entire virtual machines, including the operating system, all installed applications, and all databases, into a staging area located in your target AWS Region. The staging area contains low-cost resources that are automatically provisioned and managed by CloudEndure Disaster Recovery.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery maintains a continuous asynchronous replication of the disks into the staging area. This significantly reduces the cost of provisioning duplicate resources. Because the staging area doesn’t run a live version of your SQL Server workloads, you don’t have to pay for duplicate OS licenses or high-performance compute resources. Instead, you pay for low-cost compute and storage.

In an event of a disaster, CloudEndure Disaster Recovery triggers an automated conversion process. It recovers each source machine that is running SQL Server databases on a single EC2 instance, achieving sub-second recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) of minutes. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery uses ACID-compliant, crash consistent replication to provide consistent data. AWS makes CloudEndure available at no additional cost for migration projects.

       CloudEndure Disaster Recovery

For more information, see the CloudEndure Disaster Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server data sheet.