Next steps - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Next steps

This guide provided a phased and incremental approach to modernizing your applications. We recommend that you begin scoping your workstreams with technology and delivery for the short, medium, and long term. You can expect to invest more in tools, frameworks, and practices to drive more effective delivery and engineering practices across teams. Set goals for the modernization process, understand each application you’re planning to modernize, and choose the optimal modernization approach for each application. Monitor and optimize your progress.

AWS will engage with your organization’s business development teams to drive technology modernization and to manage your end-to-end needs, including application architecture, design, and development; mobile enablement; testing; and collaborative solutions. These services combine proven processes, intelligent automation, use of data and patterns, open standards, and the right people to help you modernize your legacy applications. Primary goals are targeted to:

  • Assist to develop a platform that offers a fully automated, tools-based approach for modernizing legacy technology, and couple it with holistic knowledge of modernization.

  • Build an MVP with full stack teams, with modernization engineering capabilities focused on customer outcomes and scale.

AWS Professional Services and AWS Partners work directly with senior technology and business customer stakeholders to drive enterprise modernization, while iteratively delivering end-customer value.