AWS Prescriptive Guidance
Migration Strategy

Mobilize Your Organization to Accelerate Large-Scale Migrations

Migration specialists, AWS Professional Services

August 2019

Migrating hundreds or thousands of workloads to the cloud requires a phased approach that includes assessment, readiness and planning, and migrations, with each phase building on the previous one. This Amazon Web Services (AWS) Prescriptive Guidance strategy covers the first two phases of large-scale migration: the assessment phase and the readiness and planning phase. These phases set the foundation for accelerated migration at scale during the migrations phase.

This migration strategy includes methods and best practices for mobilizing your workforce and resources, for establishing automation to migrate 10 to 30 applications with an agile approach, and for migrating these assets to the AWS Cloud. This approach is a culmination of the AWS Professional Services team's many years of experience helping enterprise AWS customers mobilize for cloud adoption and migration.

This strategy is for IT and business executives, program/project managers, product owners, and operations/infrastructure managers who are planning to migrate their on-premises workloads to the AWS Cloud. It discusses how you can accelerate your cloud adoption, create a migration plan, set up a foundation through hands-on experience, and migrate your first set of applications to the AWS Cloud in weeks.

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