Migrate a Teradata database to Amazon Redshift using AWS SCT data extraction agents - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Migrate a Teradata database to Amazon Redshift using AWS SCT data extraction agents

Created by Sergey Dmitriev (AWS)

R Type: Re-architect

Source: Databases: Relational

Target: Amazon Redshift

Created by: AWS

Environment: PoC or pilot

Technologies: Databases; Migration

AWS services: Amazon Redshift


This pattern walks you through the steps for migrating a Teradata database, used as a data warehouse in an on-premises data center, to an Amazon Redshift database. The pattern uses AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) data extraction agents. An agent is an external program that is integrated with AWS SCT but performs data transformation elsewhere and interacts with other AWS services on your behalf.  

Prerequisites and limitations


  • An active AWS account

  • A Teradata source database in an on-premises data center

Product versions

  • Teradata version 13 and later. For the latest list of supported versions, see the AWS SCT documentation.


Source technology stack

  • On-premises Teradata database

Target technology stack

  • Amazon Redshift cluster

Data migration architecture


  • AWS SCTAWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) handles heterogeneous database migrations by automatically converting the source database schema and a majority of the custom code to a format that's compatible with the target database. When the source and target databases are very different from one another, you can use an AWS SCT agent to perform additional data transformation. For more information, see Migrating Data from an On-Premises Data Warehouse to Amazon Redshift in the AWS documentation. 


TaskDescriptionSkills required
Validate the source and target database versions and engines.DBA
Identify hardware requirements for the target server instance.DBA, SysAdmin
Identify storage requirements (storage type and capacity).DBA, SysAdmin
Choose the proper instance type (capacity, storage features, network features).DBA, SysAdmin
Identify network-access security requirements for the source and target databases.DBA, SysAdmin
Choose an application migration strategy.DBA, SysAdmin, App owner
TaskDescriptionSkills required
Create a virtual private cloud (VPC) and subnets.SysAdmin
Create security groups.SysAdmin
Configure and start the Amazon Redshift cluster.SysAdmin
TaskDescriptionSkills required
Migrate data by using AWS SCT data extraction agents.

For detailed information on using AWS SCT data extraction agents, see the links in the References and Help section.

TaskDescriptionSkills required
Follow the chosen application migration strategy.DBA, SysAdmin, App owner
TaskDescriptionSkills required
Switch over application clients to the new infrastructure.DBA, SysAdmin, App owner
TaskDescriptionSkills required
Shut down temporary AWS resources.DBA, SysAdmin
Review and validate the project documents.DBA, SysAdmin, App owner
Gather metrics about time to migrate, percentage of manual versus tool tasks, cost savings, etc.DBA, SysAdmin, App owner
Close the project and provide any feedback.