Conclusion - AWS Prescriptive Guidance


A Cloud Operating Model is a collection of capabilities that are required to build, mature, and optimize one or more cloud environments. Building capability in a considered and managed way is key to ensuring that your IT organization is aligned with your overall business objectives and is providing value to your organization.

In this strategy document, we provided guidance on how to build a Cloud Operating Model and provided recommendations for each stage of development. We've summarized these recommendations in the following list to help you take the actions necessary to develop and implement your own Cloud Operating Model.

  1. Use a customer-centric approach to define or create a Vision Document.

  2. Develop a roadmap that connects to the vision and outlines the steps required to reach the intended destination.

  3. Review and document your organization's topology to understand the teams involved and what will need to change.

  4. Develop mechanisms to drive the changes identified in the roadmap and topology exercises.

  5. Use the mechanisms and incrementally increase maturity across the capabilities that you have identified as needing to change.

  6. Establish metrics to measure and track progress, and course correct if necessary.