Test the migration - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Test the migration

Functional and performance testing is an essential part of database migrations. Detailed functional testing will make sure that your application is working with the new database without any issues. You should invest time to develop unit tests to test out the application workflows.

Performance testing makes sure that your database response times are within an acceptable time range. You can identify bottlenecks, optimize, and repeat the performance test. You repeat the cycle as required to get the desired performance results.

Testing can be manual or automated. We recommend that you use an automated framework for testing. During migration, you will need to run the test multiple times, so having an automated testing framework helps speed up the bug fixing and optimization cycles.

This testing can reveal issues that were missed during development phases. For example, any incorrectly converted queries will fail or return incorrect results, causing the functional testing to fail. Performance testing can reveal issues such as missing indexes causing slow query response time. They can also reveal performance issues that require database engine tuning, depending on the workload, or modifying the query.