Next steps - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Next steps

As with any new process, the first few cycles of using the Cost optimization process in this guide might be time consuming. However, the process can result significant savings. Start the process by identifying two to three services that have high costs or exceed your expected costs. Over a short period of time, you can have a better handle on the spend, quickly identify services that cost more than expected, and put a strategy in place to reduce those costs.

Over time, many enterprises continue to realize additional improvements in efficiency and costs. Business Benefits of Running SAP Workloads on AWS, an IDG MarketPulse whitepaper, reports an efficiency improvement from 28% to 43% after two years of operating SAP on AWS. We recommend that you continue repeating the cost optimization process in this guide so that you can realize savings beyond the initially identified opportunities.

If you need additional guidance, you can engage the SAP Global Specialty Practice team of AWS Professional Services to help you define and implement your action plans to optimize the costs of running your SAP workloads on AWS.