Mobilize phase - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Mobilize phase

        Mobilize phase in SAP migrations to AWS

The mobilize phase focuses on refining and blueprinting your target SAP on AWS architecture, supporting the implementation of proof of concept (PoC) projects, and defining migration tooling and planning. This phase builds the foundation for the migration process. It specifies detailed, non-functional requirements, SAP on AWS architecture, landing zone, details of the migration approach, and the refined migration plan. In this phase, the majority of the migration team will be onboarded and briefed for the migration project. The preparation for the migration of SAP workloads will be finalized, to ensure a successful start to the next phase (migration).

Objectives Activities
  • Produce a blueprint for a detailed, future-state architecture of SAP workloads in AWS

  • Produce a detailed migration plan

  • Finalize the landing zone

  • Mobilize and organize migration teams in your organization, at AWS, and at the partner organization)

  • Refine detailed customer requirements

  • Map existing SAP workloads to AWS services

  • Define required tooling and integrations

  • Produce a detailed, future-state architecture and define transition states

  • Produce a detailed migration plan; define roles and responsibilities

  • Onboard the project team



  • Outputs from the assessment phase

  • Detailed requirements for DR, HA, security, key operational procedures, performance, software versions (operating systems, databases, SAP and non-SAP systems), and integrations

  • AWS best practices for migrating and running SAP workloads on AWS

  • Detailed migration plan and responsible, accountable, consulted, informed (RACI) matrix

  • Detailed requirements for DR, HA, security, separations, DevOps, performance, software versions, and similar considerations

  • Detailed technical approach and tooling requirements for migration

  • Detailed future-state SAP architecture blueprint

  • Landing zone

  • Infrastructure as code (IaC)

The following illustration provides a simplified example of a typical SAP mobilization project team.

        Simplified example of an SAP project team