Next steps - AWS Prescriptive Guidance

Next steps

In many large enterprises, SAP workloads run customer-critical business processes. For this reason, migrations of SAP workloads to AWS start with the business need in mind, and then focus on technologies in order to fulfill business objectives.

As the journey to the cloud has gathered pace, the SAP Professional Services team at AWS has acquired experience and capabilities in SAP migrations to the cloud. This document shares our learnings in the form of an SAP migration methodology. It provides a way for you to accelerate the migration and maximize the benefits of your critical SAP workloads while minimizing risks and costs.

You can work back from your business requirements and use the information in this document to refine your migration strategy, define your business case, and determine the scope, approach, sequencing of SAP workloads, and scheduling that is required in order to successfully complete your migration objectives.

For more information about how to migrate SAP to AWS, contact the SAP Professional Services team at AWS.