Reading an estimate - AWS Pricing Calculator

Reading an estimate

Estimates are broken into multiple sections. At the top of the page is your estimate, which is broken into your First 12 months total, your total upfront, and your total monthly. The total for your first 12 months is the total estimate for your current group and all of the services and groups in your current group, and it combines the upfront and monthly estimates. The upfront and monthly estimates are how much you are estimated to pay upfront as you set up your AWS stack and how much you're estimated to spend every month while you run your AWS stack.

Within a group, you can see how much each service is estimated to cost. If you want to price out different ways to build your AWS setup, you can use different groups for each variation of your setup and compare the estimates for the different setups.

To see the full estimate for all of your groups, navigate to your estimate. For more information, see Navigating your estimate.

If you create groups within groups, the Organization section appears on the left side of the page. The Organization section enables you to see where you are in a multi-level estimate. It always shows your estimate at the top, the parent of your current group (which might be your estimate), your current group, and any children groups that are in your current group. You can navigate to any visible groups by choosing them. If your current group is more than three levels deep, a ... replaces the groups between your estimate and the parent group of your current group.

Showing calculations

When you add a service to your estimate and choose your parameters, you can see the calculations that AWS Pricing Calculator uses to generate your estimate. Choose Show calculation to see the exact math.